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Quantum Information and Control In Queensland — QICIQ
June 30 – July 3, 2008
Novotel Palm Cove Resort • Cairns • Queensland • Australia
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Contributing Speakers
Speaker Title
Hans Bachor, Australian National University, Australia Spatial mode CW laser beams as a tool for quantum communication
Ben Buchler, Australian National University, Australia * Information storage in rubidium via gradient echo and EIT
Stephen Bartlett, University of Sydney, Australia Identifying phases of matter that are universal for quantum computation
André Carvalho, Australian National University, Australia Entanglement stabilisation via quantum feedback
James Franson, University of Maryland, USA Classical logical operation using the quantum Zeno effect
Henry Haselgrove, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia Direct simulation of multiply-concatenated fault-tolerant quantum error correction
Winfried Hensinger, University of Sussex, UK * On the transport of atomic ions in linear and multidimensional ion trap arrays
Holger Hofmann, Hiroshima University, Japan Experimental evaluation of a quantum filter: truth tables and process matrix estimates
Joseph Hope, Australian National University, Australia Quantum control of a multimode atom laser
Onur Hosten, University of Illinois, USA AC and DC weak measurements with AC and DC spin Hall effects of light
Benjamin Lanyon, University of Queensland, Australia Quantum computing with zero entanglement
Lorenzo Maccone, University of Pavia, Italy Sub-Rayleigh quantum imaging
Charles Meaney, University of Queensland, Australia * Quantum correlations in a nanomechanical Jahn-Teller model with dissipation
William Munro, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, UK Consumer based quantum cryptography
William Oliver, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Amplitude spectroscopy of a superconducting qubit
Brian Smith, University of Oxford, UK Heralded two-photon NOON state for enhanced precision measurement
Christof Wunderlich, University of Siegen, Germany * Individual addressing of trapped ions and coupling of motional and spin states using RF radiation

* indicates joint speakers with APCQIS.


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