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Quantum Information and Control In Queensland — QICIQ
June 30 – July 3, 2008
Novotel Palm Cove Resort • Cairns • Queensland • Australia
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Invited Speakers
Speaker Title
Rainer Blatt, University of Innsbruck, Austria * Entanglement, Quantum State Manipulation and Quantum Metrology with Trapped Ions
Carl Caves, University of New Mexico, USA Quantum-limited metrology: dynamics vs entanglement
Ivan Deutsch, University of New Mexico, USA Quantum control with ultracold atoms
Jonathon Dowling, Louisiana State University, USA * Optical quantum metrology and computing the low-down on high-N00N states
Ilya Fushman, Stanford University, USA * To be supplied
Paul Kwiat, University of Illinois, USA Hyperentanglement-enhanced quantum information
Konrad Lehnert, NIST Boulder, USA Measuring and cooling the motion of a nanomechanical oscillator embedded in a microwave cavity
Franco Nori, University of Michigan, USA,
and Frontier Research System, RIKEN, Japan *
Designing quantum-information-processing superconducting qubit circuits that exhibit lasing and other atomic-physics-like phenomena on a chip
Robert Prevedel, University of Vienna, Austria Experimental demonstration of quantum algorithms on a photonic one-way quantum computer
David Reilly, Harvard University, USA Quantum Control of Single Spins
Nicolas Treps, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, France Multimode quantum optics in the continuous variable regime
Andreas Wallraff, University of Zurich, Switzerland * Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics for Quantum Information Processing

* indicates joint speakers with APCQIS.


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